The Ministry of Finance, acting under the authority of the South West State [Council of Ministers], is responsible for the overall financial management of the South West State Budget and other financial affairs and for the budgets under the responsibility of the regions, which together form the South West State Consolidated Budget.

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Somali Version 

  1. Sharciga Maareynta MaaliyaddaLr 08
  2. Xeerka Dakhliga Lr 09
  3. Xeerka Dhali Aruurinta
  4. Xeerka Dhisada Wasaaradda Maaliyadda
  5. Xeerka Maareynta Maaliyadda Maamulka Dadweynaha

English Version

  1. SWSS Revenue Act Final 22 Jan 2018 English Version
  2. An Act Establishing the Public Financial Management - SWS - January 2018 - FINAL_v3 clean
  3. An Act Establishing the Ministry of Finance - SWSS - June 2017 - FINAL clean

Download Documents

File Description File size Downloads
pdf signed-decree-for-mof-of-the-iswa Signed Decree for MoF of the ISWA
336 KB 581
pdf iswa-public-financial-management-decree-2015-signed Iswa public financial management decree-2015-signed
640 KB 835
pdf signed-decree-for-interim-revenue-for-iswa Signed decree for interim revenue for iswa
646 KB 623
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