Our Goals

  • Build the Ministry of Finance into strong, efficient and responsive institution
  • Achieve the highest international standards in Public Finance Management (PFM) in order to ensure an accountable use of resources
  • Improve the delivery of public services and accountability through effective financial and fiscal decentralization
  • Contribute to foster deep Federal Member States and the Federal Government integration through openness to change as well as mobility of goods
  • Contribute to increase the productivity of the economy, employment opportunities, the investment climate, and the quality of public investments
  • Contribute to increase living standards of the population and human development within a sustainable environment
  • Promote a dynamic, efficient and stable financial market accessible to all segments of the population
  • Maintain a stable macroeconomic environment with low inflation, moderate budget deficits, and sustainable public debt
  • Mobilize internal and external resources (i.e., tax. On-tax, social security contributions, grants, loans, etc.)