South West MoF

The restructured project consists of four components, as described below

Component 1: Support to core government functions in Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government of Somalia. [not applicable to states]

Component 2: Inter-Governmental fiscal transfers for core government functions in eligible Federal Member States and Interim and Emerging Administrations.

2.1 Supporting the establishment and operation of an inter-governmental forum for dialogue, peer learning and information exchange

Component 3: Transfers for core government functions and foundational education and health service delivery mechanisms in eligible FMS

3.1 Financing core government functions in FMS. financing salaries and allowances of civil servants (excluding elected officials) in selected MDAs; and, (ii) eligible non-salary recurrent costs for selected MDAs (i.e. Finance, Health, Education)

3.2 Financing education service delivery in eligible FMS including:

3.3 Laying foundations for health service delivery mechanisms in eligible FMS including:

Component 4: Project management and coordination in FGS and FMS